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Hallstatt – the most beautiful village in Europe

visiting hallstatt - where to stay in hallstatt

I have been dreaming of visiting Hallstatt in Austria for a long time, so when the weather was nice in Munich, we jumped into the car and crossed the Austrian border. This place is considered to be the most beautiful town in Europe, so my expectations were high. We visited this place in the spring, but I saw in the pictures that it looks beautiful also in winter, just a tiny village surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Is it worth visiting Hallstatt in Austria?

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Bucket list hotel: Mr & Mrs White, Paros, Greece

mr and mrs white hotel review paros

I don’t know why, but choosing a perfect hotel is always the hardest part when planning our trips. Why? Here we go. Some are too far away from the city, other ones have supposedly bad food, I don’t like the decor of the next few ones, and even when we finally find something kind of cool, the night there costs a small fortune… Even when we finally decide on something, we’re still wondering whether we made a right choice! However, if you’re facing troubles finding a perfect hotel in Paros, we, fortunately, have a good answer for you. Mr & Mrs White hotel is an ideal place.
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Paros & Antiparos – a perfect Greek couple

things to do in paros and antiparos

Just an hour by ferry ride from the magical Naxos there is another unique Cycladic island – Paros, along with its smaller “sister” – Antiparos. Both islands are extremely scenic and ideal for a relaxing holiday. This is not a typical mass-tourism destination, and certainly, it is definitely quieter (and cheaper!) than eg. Mykonos or Santorini. However, Paros instantly made it to the top 3 of our favorite Greek islands – amazing landscapes, charming towns, beautiful beaches… You should definitely check out best things to do in Paros and Antiparos!

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How to protect your eyes while travelling? 7 eye care tips!

eye care tips

We are both shortsighted and simply can’t imagine living without contact lenses. I have astigmatism and -11 dioptres and wearing normal glasses is very uncomfortable for me in everyday life. But I know from my own experience that people who wear lenses are particularly vulnerable to various discomforts while travelling. Long-haul flights, dry air, intense sunshine… How to take care of your eyes on the go?

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10 absolutely fabulous things to do in Naxos

things to do in naxos - church

If you don’t feel like walking through the crowded streets of Santorini and have enough of paparazzi in Mykonos, but still dream of a true atmosphere of Cyclades, Naxos is a great choice. Spectacular mountain views, white-washed houses, tiny streets, some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches… Sounds like a perfect holiday, right? What are the best things to do in Naxos then?

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Bucket list hotel: Naxos Rock Villas, Naxos, Greece

Although we love pretty intense and insane road trips (you can see how our New Zealand or US West Coast itinerary was packed!), during our last trip to Greece we simply wanted to relax and unwind. I have been looking for some great place to stay for a long time. We’re not fans of large, impersonal hotels, so we wanted to stay in some unique accommodation. Finally, I came across the Naxos Rock Villas. Absolutely spectacular and one-of-a-kind place, which in itself is a great reason to visit the island of Naxos. Continue Reading

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How to Oktoberfest? The local’s guide to the Munich Beer Festival!

O’zapft is! The Mayor of Munich tapped the first keg at noon last Saturday and the Oktoberfest has started! I must admit that I really love this most famous beer festival in the world, even more and more each year. Of course, it’s a bit overcrowded, sometimes tacky and often too loud, but it has undeniable charm! How to survive Oktoberfest in Munich and celebrate like Germans do? Continue Reading

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Where to eat in Warsaw? 21 fabulous restaurants you shouldn’t miss!

Best restaurants in WarsawWarsaw is a foodie heaven, trust me. We love discovering all these quirky restaurants and cozy cafes in the capital of Poland. New spots appear and disappear, sometimes very quickly, but when it comes to dilemma “where to eat in Warsaw?”, we have our list of “must-go” places, which never disappoint. These places not only have delicious food but also some kind of ambiance, which makes you wanna stay forever. Which cafes and restaurants in Warsaw can we recommend?

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How to Polish Your Cooking? Amazing cooking class in Warsaw!

Want to get familiar with Polish cuisine and cook pierogi? Find out more here.

There is no better way to explore a country by actually eating your way through it. Why not discovering Polish cuisine during cooking class in Warsaw? Local cuisine is not only delicious but also usually tells you a lot about the country’s history and traditions. When we travel, we always try to find good restaurants filled with locals but lately we went one step further when it comes to foodie experiences. We discovered that in many cities you may actually attend cooking classes! Absolutely fantastic idea. Thanks to it we had the opportunity to get to know local products in Rome or learn how to make a real Italian pizza. Let’s make pierogi then!
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