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Our Santorini wedding

Dreaming of Santorini wedding? Still stressed about destination weddings? Read our story, how we organized an amazing wedding in Santorini.

All these stunning photos by one & only Vangelis Photography – read more below!

From the very first moment, as soon as our ferry from Crete entered the caldera and we could admire thousands of white & blue cave houses, we fell in love with this tiny island. Spectacular, world’s most beautiful sunset in Oia, tranquility, breathtaking hotels overlooking the Aegean Sea… While wandering in the streets of Fira, at one point we saw a newly-weds. A crazy idea crossed our minds: “Maybe we also can get married in Santorini?”

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New Zealand – how to plan a perfect itinerary?

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Still figuring out your New Zealand itinerary? Find out how to create a perfect travel plan for NZ!

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Wondering how to plan a route to see all the most beautiful places? Or do you want to know how much this trip to New Zealand may cost? I honestly admit that despite being a relatively “small” country, traveling in New Zealand is much more exhausting than, for example, in the United States (which are much bigger!). Still, you can see all of the country’s greatest attractions. I hope that our experience will help you plan the perfect New Zealand itinerary.

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Visiting Glacier Country – Franz Josef or Fox Glacier?

Franz Josef or Fox Glacier - are you wondering how they differ? Which one should you visit? Check our experiences in Glacier Country, NZ.

Franz Josef or Fox Glacier? Which one to choose? Our plans for visitingย the Westland National Park were (as usual!) very ambitious… Of course, we had to visit both ๐Ÿ™‚ New Zealand glaciers are one of the country’s greatest attractions, next to a kiwi bird and spectacular fjords. Even, if your time is limited and you have to pick only one glacier, you still can’t miss this place.ย 

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18 fabulous things to do in Crete – what you can’t miss

Discover this beautiful Greek island beyond the resorts with our ultimate guide to best things to do in Crete.

Many people think that holidays organized by the travel agency are not true traveling. Honestly? I totally disagree with this approach. First of all, it’s the perfect solution for many super busy people. Sometimes traveling with a travel agency is just much cheaper than a self-organized trip. I have noticed this especially when it comes to the most popular Greek islands – airline tickets from Munich to Crete are more expensive than a one-week all-inclusive holiday package offered by the travel agency! In fact, it all depends on what you plan to do during holidays. Will you only explore 100 different paths from your hotel room to the pool (with a drink in your hand, obviously)? Or maybe you will decide to explore the world outside the hotel walls? If you want to make your holidays a truly breathtaking experience, check these 18 unique things to do in Crete!
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Australia and Oceania New Zealand Travel

Discovering majestic Fiordland – top things to do

Milford Sound cruise definitely should be on your bucket list. But what else you should do to explore Fiordland better?

What do you think when you hear “fjords”? Most likely – Norway. But did you know that you can also find them down under? The South Island in New Zealand is home to the magical Fiordland National Park. Many believe that this is actually the most beautiful region in this country. We found our beloved place somewhere else, however, Fiordland, particularly Milford Sound and Lake Te Anau, left us speechless.

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Searching for tulips in Holland – not only in Keukenhof

Do you want to see fields of tulips in Holland? Read about the most famous Keukenhof garden and other alternatives in our guide.

I love tulips. Together with lavender, they are my favorite flowers. I am a big fan, especially of all these pastel ones – white, light yellow and light pink. I must confess that we don’t have plants in pots at home, but there is always a tulip bouquet in the vase. It immediately gives my room some spring vibes and makes the interior looks so cozy and girly… It is not surprising that Iย have always dreamed of visiting all these colorful fields of tulips in Holland. Finally, during our last visit to Amsterdam – we made it!

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Prices in New Zealand – how to plan your budget?

New Zealand trip cost may get really high... Cut down the costs with our hints how to save money during your New Zealand trip!

New Zealand is considered as a very expensive country. After all these stories, we thought we would leave a small fortune at the other end of the world… Is it true? I admit sincerely that the prices on site surprised us rather positively. It is definitely not cheap, but for example, lodging on the site is much cheaper than on the US West Coast.ย Try our tips and reduce your New Zealand trip cost! You may find our itinerary here.

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Australia and Oceania Fiji Travel

Fiji: how to choose your paradise island?

Planning a honeymoon, romantic gateway, diving holidays or eco-friendly stay in Fiji? Find out which island suits best your Fiji vacations.

When we bought our plane tickets to New Zealand, we knew we just have to go to one of these paradise islands of Oceania. We were consideringย Vanuatu orย Fiji, finally deciding on that last one. We only had 4 days and we aimed at pureย relaxation – in some truly unique place.ย It turned out that it’s not that easy and I had to spend dozens of hours searchingย the Internet for the perfect hotel… What is the problem with Fiji vacations?

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Mysterious giants – Moeraki Boulders

Where to see Moeraki Boulders? Check how to visit these rocky giants!

When I was planning our New Zealand itinerary,ย I came across an intriguing picture in the internet. The gigantic, spherical rocks scattered on the beach looked incredible in the sun rays… After a brief search, I finally found what is the name of this place – Moeraki Boulders! Another point was added to our trip. But do they actually look so magical?

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Australia and Oceania New Zealand Travel

Rotorua – the geothermal capital of New Zealand

Wondering which places to visit in Rotorua? Our guide will help you to choose the best things to do in Rotorua. Geysers are not everything!

Te Puia, Rotorua

Sincerely, I must admit that our New Zealand trip didn’t start as planned. Due to the huge rainfall, we couldn’t reach our first attraction – the Hot Water Beach, because all the roads were closed. After a quick glance at the map, we decided that we would spend two days (instead of one as planned) in Rotorua – this turned out to be the brilliant idea!

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