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Bucket list hotel: Mr & Mrs White, Paros, Greece

mr and mrs white hotel review paros

I don’t know why, but choosing a perfect hotel is always the hardest part when planning our trips. Why? Here we go. Some are too far away from the city, other ones have supposedly bad food, I don’t like the decor of the next few ones, and even when we finally find something kind of cool, the night there costs a small fortune… Even when we finally decide on something, we’re still wondering whether we made a right choice! However, if you’re facing troubles finding a perfect hotel in Paros, we, fortunately, have a good answer for you. Mr & Mrs White hotel is an ideal place.
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How to protect your eyes while travelling? 7 eye care tips!

eye care tips

We are both shortsighted and simply can’t imagine living without contact lenses. I have astigmatism and -11 dioptres and wearing normal glasses is very uncomfortable for me in everyday life. But I know from my own experience that people who wear lenses are particularly vulnerable to various discomforts while travelling. Long-haul flights, dry air, intense sunshine… How to take care of your eyes on the go?

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Bucket list hotels Europe Get inspired Greece Travel

Bucket list hotel: Naxos Rock Villas, Naxos, Greece

Although we love pretty intense and insane road trips (you can see how our New Zealand or US West Coast itinerary was packed!), during our last trip to Greece we simply wanted to relax and unwind. I have been looking for some great place to stay for a long time. We’re not fans of large, impersonal hotels, so we wanted to stay in some unique accommodation. Finally, I came across the Naxos Rock Villas. Absolutely spectacular and one-of-a-kind place, which in itself is a great reason to visit the island of Naxos. Continue Reading

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Our US West Coast road trip itinerary

Planning your US West Coast road trip itinerary may be a bit challenging. Check our guide how to plan a perfect route.

Planning the US West Coast road trip itinerary IS a challenge. There are so many amazing attractions but within long distances. However, we managed to visit four states in less than 3 weeks: California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We started in Los Angeles, but of course, you can customize the entire route to take off in eg. San Francisco. Let’s see how our West Coast road trip itinerary looked like.

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Best honeymoon destinations for every season

Looking for unique honeymoon destinations? Check out these stunning ideas for a romantic getaway, perfect for every season.

The wedding season is on, you have finally chosen a perfect dress and suit, guests are invited, and everyone is praying for a good weather. The question remains: where to go for a honeymoon? There is always the rainy season somewhere, in the other places you’ll come across crowds of tourists… The key to a perfect honeymoon is really simple. Just ask yourself: what do you like to do on regular vacation? We have come up with a short guide to the best honeymoon destinations across the world, taking into account different seasons and how do you like spending your holidays.

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Bucket list hotel: Navini Island Resort, Fiji

Planning your Fiji holidays? Read our review of Navini Island Resort, a bucket list-worthy and exceptional hotel in Fiji.

I have been searching for a very special hotel in Fiji for a long time. We spent a lot of time figuring out which Fiji island to choose for our short stay. We were browsing but nothing seemed really tempting. To reach some hotels you need at least 1,5 day. The ones next to Nadi (where the airport is), seemed to be too big (like for 500 guests) or weren’t close to the coral reef, or simply didn’t have good reviews. In the end, by accident, I found a hidden gem – Navini Island Resort.

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How to plan an epic Santorini honeymoon?

Are you planning a Santorini honeymoon or holidays in this magical island? Check our post - all you need to know before visiting Santorini.

Santorini is definitely the most romantic island in Greece… No wonder it has become one of the most desired honeymoon destinations in the world! As you know from one of the previous posts, we were enchanted by this island as well. Many people ask us how to organize a romantic getaway on your own. So, here it is, a step by step guide to your once-in-a-lifetime Santorini honeymoon!

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Korres – from Greece with love

Korres shower gel, body milk, and the others - favorite picks from my beloved Greek cosmetic brand. Make you wanna go to Greece in a second!

A few years ago, while I was studying in Athens, I went shopping for a shower gel. I just wanted to put a random bottle in my shopping basket when I noticed a modest brown bottle. It was Korres shower gel. The sticker promised that I would find 97% natural content inside. Organic cosmetics weren’t so popular in Poland back then, so I was really curious to test something new.  This is how my long-term relationship with Korres and natural cosmetics began.
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