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10 most amazing hotels in Santorini – with caldera view!

Not sure, where to stay in Santorini? Check these 10 stunning hotels and find the best place to stay in Santorini for your romantic getaway!

Probably you don’t know it, but we’re real fans of Greece. Every year we try to visit a new place in this unique country. We love it so much, that we even got married in Santorini ūüôā This island is full of magic, breathtaking views, vibrant Greek atmosphere, not to mention delicious¬†vinsanto wine… Definitely different from party island of Mykonos¬†or Crete with all-inclusive resorts. Santorini is a dream destination for a romantic getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. We were wondering where to stay in Santorini for a long time. We wanted a place, where we could organize a wedding and spend some unforgettable days after. Check which hotels we find truly amazing and find out where to stay in Santorini! ¬†

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Europe Get inspired Greece Travel

Our Santorini wedding

Dreaming of Santorini wedding? Still stressed about destination weddings? Read our story, how we organized an amazing wedding in Santorini.

All these stunning photos by one & only Vangelis Photography – read more below!

From the very first moment, as soon as our ferry from Crete entered the caldera and we could admire thousands of white & blue cave houses, we fell in love with this tiny island. Spectacular, world’s most beautiful sunset in Oia, tranquility, breathtaking hotels overlooking the Aegean Sea… While wandering in the streets of Fira, at one point we saw a newly-weds. A crazy idea crossed our minds: “Maybe we also can get married in Santorini?”

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New Zealand – how to plan a perfect itinerary?

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Still figuring out your New Zealand itinerary? Find out how to create a perfect travel plan for NZ!

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Wondering how to plan a route to see all the most beautiful places? Or do you want to know how much this trip to New Zealand may cost? I honestly admit that despite being a relatively “small” country, traveling in New Zealand is much more exhausting than, for example, in the United States (which are much bigger!). Still, you can see all of the country’s greatest attractions. I hope that our experience will help you plan the perfect New Zealand itinerary.

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Australia and Oceania Get inspired New Zealand Tips for travellers Travel

Prices in New Zealand – how to plan your budget?

New Zealand trip cost may get really high... Cut down the costs with our hints how to save money during your New Zealand trip!

New Zealand is considered as a very expensive country. After all these stories, we thought we would leave a small fortune at the other end of the world… Is it true? I admit sincerely that the prices on site surprised us rather positively. It is definitely not cheap, but for example, lodging on the site is much cheaper than on the US West Coast.¬†Try our tips and reduce your New Zealand trip cost! You may find our itinerary here.

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Get inspired Tips for travellers

Our long-haul flight essentials (+ free checklist)

long-haul flight essentials - checklist

You’re probably often wondering what are the long-haul flight essentials. This is a bit of struggle also for us. Recently, we had to pack our stuff for¬†the flight to New Zealand. In total, 36 hours of travel including 24 in the air! We already knew which mistakes to avoid when traveling by plane. But we had to carefully think about our carry-on luggage to make our journey comfortable. And not to look like¬†zombies after landing in Auckland… What to take with you on board, if you have a really long flight? Check our long-haul flight essentials!

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Dreaming of stress-free flights? Don’t repeat our mistakes…

stress free flights tips

I just love flying. This moment, when the nose gear leaves the ground, and you slowly ascend towards new adventures… So far, I flew more than 100 times, probably a lot, but I didn’t avoid many mishaps. To excuse myself, I might add that the majority of them isn’t so obvious… So what you should do to make your plane trip hassle-free and enjoy stress-free flights?

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Europe Get inspired Italy Travel Travel ideas

Fountains of Rome walking tour. Visiting Rome differently.

fountains of rome walk - roman fountains tour

Fountains of Rome are really stunning and I can strongly advise you to skip the tourist attractions and see them instead. Crowds¬†at the Colosseum, a huge queue to St. Peter’s Basilica, thousands of tourists¬†on the Palatine Hill… Tired of being constantly pushed¬†by other people all day long, we¬†asked ourselves: how to feel the real atmosphere of this city? Is it even possible in a place which¬†seems to be one big¬†tourist attraction? Visiting Rome doesn’t have to look¬†like this. If you would like to¬†feel the real¬†Italian atmosphere¬†rather than “giving high fives” to¬†monuments, we have something for you. A walk among the Roman fountains will help you discover many gems and surprising views of the Italian capital. It will be a moment of rest after crowds of visitors in¬†the most famous sights.

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Asia Get inspired Travel Travel ideas UAE

Dubai tourist places in a few hours. How to plan your trip?

dubai tourist places - how to get around dubai

How to visit Dubai tourist places in a few hours? This question often comes up in our conversations with friends and readers. With convenient connections offered by Emirates, you can easily and quickly get from Europe via Dubai to Asia, Australia, and Africa. Many travelers extend their stopover in Dubai on purpose to get out of the airport and feel the atmosphere of this unique city. We have prepared our guide especially for them! So how to see best Dubai tourist places in a few hours? Continue Reading

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Romantic things to do in Paris. 7 perfect ideas not only for Valentine’s Day!

Romantic things to do in Paris

Paris, Paris, Paris… Some may¬†say that this city is so obvious, so crowded, so¬†pompous and so¬†bloated. Some may say that¬†Rome is more romantic. Or¬†Venice. Or Verona. Although it’s hard to deny that this city is very popular among tourists, you have to admit it looks like actually designed for lovers. What makes¬†the French capital so charming? Check these romantic things to do in Paris! Continue Reading

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