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Our Santorini wedding

Dreaming of Santorini wedding? Still stressed about destination weddings? Read our story, how we organized an amazing wedding in Santorini.

All these stunning photos by one & only Vangelis Photography – read more below!

From the very first moment, as soon as our ferry from Crete entered the caldera and we could admire thousands of white & blue cave houses, we fell in love with this tiny island. Spectacular, world’s most beautiful sunset in Oia, tranquility, breathtaking hotels overlooking the Aegean Sea… While wandering in the streets of Fira, at one point we saw a newly-weds. A crazy idea crossed our minds: “Maybe we also can get married in Santorini?”

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18 fabulous things to do in Crete – what you can’t miss

Discover this beautiful Greek island beyond the resorts with our ultimate guide to best things to do in Crete.

Many people think that holidays organized by the travel agency are not true traveling. Honestly? I totally disagree with this approach. First of all, it’s the perfect solution for many super busy people. Sometimes traveling with a travel agency is just much cheaper than a self-organized trip. I have noticed this especially when it comes to the most popular Greek islands – airline tickets from Munich to Crete are more expensive than a one-week all-inclusive holiday package offered by the travel agency! In fact, it all depends on what you plan to do during holidays. Will you only explore 100 different paths from your hotel room to the pool (with a drink in your hand, obviously)? Or maybe you will decide to explore the world outside the hotel walls? If you want to make your holidays a truly breathtaking experience, check these 18 unique things to do in Crete!
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Searching for tulips in Holland – not only in Keukenhof

Do you want to see fields of tulips in Holland? Read about the most famous Keukenhof garden and other alternatives in our guide.

I love tulips. Together with lavender, they are my favorite flowers. I am a big fan, especially of all these pastel ones – white, light yellow and light pink. I must confess that we don’t have plants in pots at home, but there is always a tulip bouquet in the vase. It immediately gives my room some spring vibes and makes the interior looks so cozy and girly… It is not surprising that I have always dreamed of visiting all these colorful fields of tulips in Holland. Finally, during our last visit to Amsterdam – we made it!

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7 things to tick off your Mykonos bucket list

Best things to do in Mykonos. Mykonos is not only celebrities and all-night parties. This Greek island has much more to offer.

Mykonos… Idyllic peaceful Greek landscape, picturesque white houses, and the tranquil Aegean Sea. This is how Mykonos used to be. Today, when someone says Mykonos, you think about crazy all-night-long parties, crowds of celebrities and paparazzi hunting for famous ones. Who would have thought that one visit of Jackie O. would forever change the island into Mecca for smaller and bigger stars? Sometimes it may be a little bit hard to find a Greek spirit here, which many seek while visiting the Cyclades (especially breathtaking Santorini) or Crete. It’s definitely easier to find Louis Vuitton or Hermes boutique! But what about the best things to do in Mykonos?

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10 ideas for a perfect winter weekend in Barcelona

How to spend a perfect weekend in Barcelona in winter? Our guide to the best attractions and places to stay in the city.

We were sitting at home, looking out the window at lovely Munich winter… To make story short – the weather wasn’t encouraging us to leave a cozy sofa. Winter in Munich consists mainly of rain, rain, two weeks of snow and more rain again. Why not going somewhere sunny and warm? Even for a weekend? We have already been to Rome in winter and enjoyed our gateway so much!  Magda, Michal, Barcelona in winter – that’s a perfect idea!

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Fountains of Rome. Visiting Rome differently.

Best things to see in Rome but less popular? Visit the Eternal City while admiring fountains of Rome at the same time.

Crowds at the Colosseum, a huge queue to St. Peter’s Basilica, thousands of tourists on the Palatine Hill… Tired of being constantly pushed by other people all day long, we asked ourselves: how to feel the real atmosphere of this city? Is it even possible in a place which seems to be one big tourist attraction? Visiting Rome doesn’t have to look like this. If you would like to feel the real Italian atmosphere rather than “giving high fives” to monuments, we have something for you. A walk between the Roman fountains will help you discover many gems and surprising views of the Italian capital. It will be a moment of rest after crowds of visitors in the most famous sights.

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Romance in Paris. 7 perfect ideas not only for Valentine’s Day!

How to add a bit of romance to your trip to Paris? Most romantic things to do in Paris - not only for couples!

Paris, Paris, Paris… Some may say that this city is so obvious, so crowded, so pompous and so bloated. Some may say that Rome is more romantic. Or Venice. Or Verona. Although it’s hard to deny that this city is very popular among tourists, you have to admit it looks like actually designed for lovers. What makes the French capital so charming? Continue Reading

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7 secrets of the perfect Italian pizza

We took a lesson how to make the best Italian pizza in Rome, Italy and this is what we learned. Next time make your pizza like a local!

Does anyone hate pizza? Please, I don’t believe that such a person exists 🙂 Thin, crisp crust, basil aroma and stretching cheese (more cheese, more cheese!)… We all know this very well. But how to achieve this delicious effect? I am gonna tell you 7 secrets that will help you to prepare the best Italian pizza! Say no to deep-frozen junk pizza from supermarket!

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Europe Italy Taste Travel

Tasting Rome

There is no better way to get to know Italian cuisine than a food tour in Rome! Read all about our experience.

Buongiorno! The mankind has achieved so much throughout the centuries  – found the wheel, invented writing, posted pictures of funny cats on the Internet, but first of all –  created Italian cuisine! 🙂 Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto Crudo, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, tiramisu, and finally limoncello and grappa… Who doesn’t like Italian goodies? To get to know more about them, we decided to go shopping on the local market in Rome accompanied by experts – Walks of Italy! Nothing better than starting your day with a food tour in Rome!

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5 ideas for the best breakfast in Warsaw

Warsaw is famous for delicious breakfasts! Find out our recommendations where to enjoy the best breakfast in Warsaw!

I love Warsaw. Although many believe that the beauty of this city is at least debatable (oh, this architectural mess everywhere), I can’t deny that this city has something special. Where else in the world you will find so many super-stylish, hipster pubs surrounded by gloomy, monumental Soviet buildings? In recent years, eating out breakfast has become extremely popular in Warsaw and cafes serving it pop up at every corner. Where to find the best breakfast in Warsaw?

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