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Death Valley and conspiracy theories

crazy conspiracy theories - our travel horror story

I am always very skeptical when it comes to these crazy conspiracy theories. When I hear about something unusual, I start my own research to find a rational explanation based on scientific facts. I will never understand how people may believe in anything on the Internet, published often without any reliable source of information. But our visit in Death Valley made me realize something.

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Flamingo beach at Renaissance Island, Aruba – our experience

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island

So we have made the decision – we are going to The Netherlands Antilles! Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao… all these islands sound equally unfamiliar. Which one to choose? A quick search in Google Graphics. We type Aruba. In response we get hundreds of pictures with fabulous paradise beaches – you know: white sand, palm trees, turquoise sea – so perfect! And of course photos of Flamingo Beach in Aruba!
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