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Rotorua – the geothermal capital of New Zealand

Wondering which places to visit in Rotorua? Our guide will help you to choose the best things to do in Rotorua. Geysers are not everything!

Te Puia, Rotorua

Sincerely, I must admit that our New Zealand trip didn’t start as planned. Due to the huge rainfall, we couldn’t reach our first attraction – the Hot Water Beach, because all the roads were closed. After a quick glance at the map, we decided that we would spend two days (instead of one as planned) in Rotorua – this turned out to be the brilliant idea!

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Australia and Oceania New Zealand Travel

Hobbiton – sipping tea with Bilbo Baggins

Are you wondering where you can visit a hobbit village? Our trip to Hobbiton - take a look with us where the hobbits live.

Do you love The Lord of the Rings? You couldn’t imagine your childhood without reading The Hobbit? Are you dressing up as an elf when no one is looking? Well, I guess we’ve found something for you… Welcome to Hobbiton Movie Set! Do you know that 30% of people visiting Hobbiton didn’t read any of Tolkien’s books or watch movies based on them? However, they still fall in love with this place. Why? Visit a hobbit village with us and find out!  Continue Reading

Europe Greece Travel

7 things to tick off your Mykonos bucket list

Best things to do in Mykonos. Mykonos is not only celebrities and all-night parties. This Greek island has much more to offer.

Mykonos… Idyllic peaceful Greek landscape, picturesque white houses, and the tranquil Aegean Sea. This is how Mykonos used to be. Today, when someone says Mykonos, you think about crazy all-night-long parties, crowds of celebrities and paparazzi hunting for famous ones. Who would have thought that one visit of Jackie O. would forever change the island into Mecca for smaller and bigger stars? Sometimes it may be a little bit hard to find a Greek spirit here, which many seek while visiting the Cyclades. It’s definitely easier to find Louis Vuitton or Hermes boutique! But what about best things to do in Mykonos?

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Europe Spain Travel

10 ideas for a perfect winter weekend in Barcelona

How to spend a perfect weekend in Barcelona in winter? Our guide to the best attractions and places to stay in the city.

We were sitting at home, looking out the window at lovely Munich winter… To make story short – the weather wasn’t encouraging us to leave a cozy sofa. Winter in Munich consists mainly of rain, rain, two weeks of snow and more rain again. Why not going somewhere sunny and warm? Even for a weekend? We have already been to Rome in winter and enjoyed our gateway so much!  Magda, Michal, Barcelona in winter – that’s a perfect idea!

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Asia Iran Travel

Your ultimate guide to Iran

What to wear in Iran? How much cash do you need in Iran? How to travel in Iran? All you need to know before going on your Iran tour.

The Azadi Tower in Tehran at night

We are aware that when it comes to Iran tour, it’s sometimes hard to find valid and reliable information… Travel guides are often not up to date, finding information about some places in the Internet is very challenging not telling about getting some first-hand review. That’s why we decided to gather everything you need to know before your Iran tour in one place. Welcome to our ultimate guide to Iran! 

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Europe Get inspired Italy Travel Travel ideas

Fountains of Rome. Visiting Rome differently.

Best things to see in Rome but less popular? Visit the Eternal City while admiring fountains of Rome at the same time.

Crowds at the Colosseum, a huge queue to St. Peter’s Basilica, thousands of tourists on the Palatine Hill… Tired of being constantly pushed by other people all day long, we asked ourselves: how to feel the real atmosphere of this city? Is it even possible in a place which seems to be one big tourist attraction? Visiting Rome doesn’t have to look like this. If you would like to feel the real Italian atmosphere rather than “giving high fives” to monuments, we have something for you. A walk between the Roman fountains will help you discover many gems and surprising views of the Italian capital. It will be a moment of rest after crowds of visitors in the most famous sights.

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Asia Iran Travel

Persepolis – the turning tides of history

Persepolis is an ancient Persian city. But do you know everything about it? What to visit and how to get to Persepolis?

Apparently, some people come to Iran just to see this place. Persepolis, the ancient neighbor of Shiraz. The richest city under the sun. Founded in the VI century BC, in 330 AD became a victim of Alexander the Great imperialist ideas. However, it still had to play a significant role, perhaps the most important one in the contemporary history of Iran.

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Asia Iran Travel

Shiraz – the city of poems and wine

Shiraz is the city of wine and poems. What to visit in Shiraz, Iran? The Pink Mosque Nasir ol-Molk is not the only attraction here!

Shiraz is a city famous for wine… Or, frankly speaking – it used to be. From the ninth century, the whole area was full of excellent vineyards… Then the year 1979 came together with the Islamic Revolution and wine became just a nice memory. The government has introduced prohibition and made citizens dry grapes (raisins!) instead of fermenting them. Though you won’t experience any wine tasting here anymore, it’s still worth visiting this city. Where you should head for while in Shiraz? Continue Reading

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