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Our US West Coast road trip itinerary

Planning your US West Coast road trip itinerary may be a bit challenging. Check our guide how to plan a perfect route.

Planning the US West Coast road trip itinerary IS a challenge. There are so many amazing attractions but within long distances. However, we managed to visit four states in less than 3 weeks: California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We started in Los Angeles, but of course, you can customize the entire route to take off in eg. San Francisco. Let’s see how our West Coast road trip itinerary looked like.

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One day in San Francisco

What to see if you have only one day in San Francisco? Where to stay? Where to eat? Our review of San Francisco attractions!

Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA

Our US road trip plan was extremely packed. In fact, it turned out that we will spend only two days in San Francisco, on a first day we wanted to fully dedicate ourselves to worshipping temples of shopping, so the second day would be more touristy. Visiting most famous San Francisco attractions in one day is of course possible. However, to succeed, you still need a good plan, but don’t worry – we would like to share it with you.

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