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Fiji: how to choose your paradise island?

Planning a honeymoon, romantic gateway, diving holidays or eco-friendly stay in Fiji? Find out which island suits best your Fiji vacations.

When we bought our plane tickets to New Zealand, we knew we just have to go to one of these paradise islands of Oceania. We were considering Vanuatu or Fiji, finally deciding on that last one. We only had 4 days and we aimed at pure relaxation – in some truly unique place. It turned out that it’s not that easy and I had to spend dozens of hours searching the Internet for the perfect hotel… What is the problem with Fiji vacations?

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Get inspired Tips for travellers

Dreaming of stress-free flights? Don’t repeat our mistakes…

stress free flights tips

I just love flying. This moment, when the nose gear leaves the ground, and you slowly ascend towards new adventures… So far, I flew more than 100 times, probably a lot, but I didn’t avoid many mishaps. To excuse myself, I might add that the majority of them isn’t so obvious… So what you should do to make your plane trip hassle-free and enjoy stress-free flights?

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