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Our US West Coast road trip itinerary

Planning your US West Coast road trip itinerary may be a bit challenging. Check our guide how to plan a perfect route.

Planning the US West Coast road trip itinerary IS a challenge. There are so many amazing attractions but within long distances. However, we managed to visit four states in less than 3 weeks: California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We started in Los Angeles, but of course, you can customize the entire route to take off in eg. San Francisco. Let’s see how our West Coast road trip itinerary looked like.

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Monument Valley Tour. In the land of Navajo Nation

monument valley guide - monument valley tour

I looked at the map. Monument Valley was so far away from our planned route… I thought – there is no option, we can’t make it. With just one click I deleted this point from our road trip schedule, carefully kept in Excel. And then Michal came: When are we gonna take our Monument Valley tour? What? Are we not going? I may not go to San Francisco, but this place we must visit! And me, as a good wife, I agreed with this idea in the end. It means nothing that we had to drive additional 8 hours in total. It’s nothing that due to lack of hotels in this area, we had to pay $ 170 per room. It even didn’t bother me to wake up at 5 a.m. to catch up with entire planned route. It’s totally worth it.

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