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Born in Poland, graduated from Finance in Warsaw. We try to get the most out of our vacation days, public holidays and weekends to pursue our greatest passion. Travelling.


madziaI have been extremely curious about the world around me since I was a small kid – you can check my photos, where my parents chased me running all over the place (yeah, other kids walking with dignity – me running). I loved travel books so much that sometimes I ended up reading them under my quilt using a flashlight all night long, dreaming of all these distant, exotic places… I love these books now as well! (oh well, my hubby lets me read them like a normal person, using a bedside lamp…)

I am extremely spontaneous – buying a plane ticket for the same day? No problem! On the other hand, I have super detailed plans of my dream travels since forever, perfecting them more and more every day and finally – making dreams come true!

I lived in Warsaw (with short Moscow episode), Athens, Dubai, Riga and Munich. Originally I was born and raised in Płock – subjectively the most fabulous town in Poland (you should come and visit, I mean it)!


I am always very excited when it comes to new things – sometimes it may be as ridiculous as breeding bonsai in students’ dormitory (and binding them with guitar strings). This element of excitement I find mostly in traveling, meeting new people, discovering unique places, just tasting new things. 

My mind loves analyzing so along with my best companion Excel I love to plan everything in the fullest detail (which sometimes drives my wife crazy – it was me, Magda, writing). I love good photography and I am trying to get better and better in this field. 

I was born in Częstochowa (just another unpronounceable Polish city name)!


We started this blog to share with you unique experiences from wandering around the globe and living in different countries. We wanted to present our thoughts about the World (sometimes very different than mainstream), but also show you some practical hints how to make traveling easier and more affordable. We also love to share with you unique inspirations, which will help you escape a “normal” day routine, even just for a moment.

We would like to prove you that even when you work 9 to 5 and you aren’t a proud successor of the Rockefellers, you always can live your life to the fullest. Yes, it is crazy, yes – may require courage, but for sure – it is not boring. Our blog is a place for people who don’t settle for “okay” in life and are ready to pursue dreams and make life extraordinary.

If you are curious where we have been so far, check our map!


If you enjoy our blog and would like to work with us, please ask for our media kit. We have worked with many multinational brands and unique hotels from all over the world. Our blog is bilingual (also in Polish), so we reach readers from different countries. We are always excited to share with our readers reviews of products and places we truly love! Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will work together to find the best way of promotion to fit your brand and our niche.


Please note that some of the links on our website are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase or booking. We would never recommend anything we have any doubts about. If you would like to try any item or book a hotel and would like to support this website in some way, using these links will help do exactly that. If you have any questions, please e-mail us. We’re always happy to help!



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