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5 ideas for the best breakfast in Warsaw

best breakfast in Warsaw - review

Finding the best breakfast in Warsaw is not an easy task. Why? There are so many delicious ones… I love Warsaw. Although many believe that the beauty of this city is at least debatable (oh, this architectural mess everywhere), I can’t deny that this city has something special. Where else in the world you will find so many super-stylish, hipster pubs surrounded by gloomy, monumental Soviet buildings? In recent years, eating out for breakfast has become extremely popular in Warsaw. Cafes serving it pop up at every corner. Where to find the best breakfast in Warsaw when you have so many options?

When you look at the laughing crowds enjoying breakfast in fancy cafes, which could be as well located in New York or Paris, it’s hard to believe that just 30 years ago this was just another sad city behind the Iron Curtain… Here are our 5 recommendations for the best breakfast in Warsaw!

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best breakfast in warsaw - view1. CHARLOTTE

Legendary place in French style. This café may seem a little “too obvious” for some of you, but I have to mention it anyway. This boom of eating out for breakfast in Warsaw started with this place. You can sit outside and admire the Hipster Square… oops, Savior Square. You can also sit inside, where you will find a characteristic long table where the strangers can chit-chat while biting croissants. It’s fairly crowded, especially during weekends. But I encourage you to patiently wait for a table – it’s worth it! You don’t have to get up at the break of dawn – breakfasts are served until midnight. Friday and Saturday until 1 am :-). All treats are also available for takeaway. 

best breakfast in warsaw - charlotte

Charlotte is well-known for its delicious, homemade pastries (this smell!). Lemon croissant is a must! The most famous is, however, the Charlotte breakfast which includes a basket of pastries (oh the croissant …) served with various spreads. I must recommend my favorite set: white chocolate spread and raspberry jam. Pure delight! Just add delicious coffee and your good mood for the rest of the day is guaranteed. However, for those who need something stronger to achieve this good mood, there is Charles’s breakfast, served with a glass of sparkling wine. Maybe that’s why it’s often considered as the best breakfast in Warsaw? 😉

best breakfast in warsaw - charlotte

PRICES: 14-32 PLN for breakfast menu, pastries 5-10 PLN

INFO: Charlotte

ADDRESS: Aleja Wyzwolenia 18, entrance from Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square), Warsaw. They have other branches located on Prozna 7, Kieslowskiego 7 and Nowy Swiat 6/12.


A few steps from the Charlotte, there is a treasure for coffee lovers – Ministerstwo Kawy (Ministry of Coffee). Simple, light industrial design – perfect for work or casual meetings. I don’t know how they do it, but they make the best latte in the world. Really. I used to walk 30 minutes just to have a cup of coffee here. This is probably the best recommendation. More advanced coffee lovers can choose from selected Arabica blends brewed using alternative methods – drip, chemex, and aeropress.

best breakfast in warsaw - ministerstwo kawy

And what else than coffee? They have a wide selection of sandwiches and tarts, perfect for breakfast. However, I will try to convince you to do something really really bad – order a meringue. Yes, I know that it’s pure sugar. It’s sweet, but hey, on the other hand supposedly you can eat carbohydrates for breakfast with no harm ;-). Meringue is the second reason for these 30-minute walks to this place (I hope that I burned at least 1/4 calories of this treat!). It’s incredibly deliciously crunchy, layered with mascarpone and whipped cream with juicy cranberries on top. You see how lucky you are – you can try two best things in the world in one place! 😉

best breakfast in warsaw - ministerstwo kawy

PRICES: coffee 4 – 16 PLN, meringue (!) 12 PLN, sandwiches and tarts 11-13 PLN

INFO: Ministerstwo Kawy

ADDRESS: Marszałkowska 27/35, Warsaw


Update: I’ve just found out that this place is now closed 🙁

When I lived in Dubai, I couldn’t imagine starting a day without a bit of hummus with pita bread. It’s locals’ fav breakfast. Chickpeas and sesame seeds are healthy, highly nutritious options not only for vegetarians. Unfortunately, in Poland, it was hard for me to find good hummus. It was either too thin, too thick, or not grounded well… Everything changed when I discovered Falafel Plus.

best breakfast in warsaw - falafel

I came here by accident. To be honest I was heading for another popular place serving this Mediterranean delicacy. My stomach started demanding food louder and louder, when I suddenly saw a banner “Falafel Plus”. Why not? I went in and wasn’t disappointed.

This is the best hummus and falafel in Warsaw. If you like Arabic flavors for breakfast, you must visit this place. A big plate full of hummus with pita bread and 10 mini-falafel costs… 15 PLN. Service is extremely nice. If you are still hungry, it’s no problem, they will offer you some bonuses free of charge – I got aubergines 🙂 The owner personally prepares dishes with products imported from Damascus. Hummus is perfectly creamy and sesame seeds in falafel crunches pleasantly – it’s even better than some of these which I ate in the Middle East. The best breakfast in Warsaw with an orient twist!

PRICES: approx. 15 PLN per plate, during weekends there is “all you can eat” buffet for 18 PLN

INFO:Falafel Plus

ADDRESS: Marszałkowska 6, Warsaw


If you like your breakfast more traditional way, you should drop by here. In addition to the classic breakfast menus, you can also find here a fine selection of sandwiches and bagels – I can recommend “Ser Nocy Letniej” (“Cheese Midsummer Night”- it’s hard to translate it to maintain the funny meaning, ser means cheese in Polish and sen stands for a dream) with gorgonzola, brie and caramelized pear. Yummy! For sleepers who don’t make it to breakfast, there are also soups – different every day. And on top of that – a glass of Prosecco for 7 PLN 🙂 Another reason to call this place the best breakfast in Warsaw!

best breakfast in warsaw - bulke przez bibulke

I really like this place thanks to the post-industrial but at the same time cozy décor. This café would be very popular also in any other place in the world – it’s a modern place, aimed at serving classic dishes in the new version, based on fresh, unique ingredients. You should give it a try!

PRICES: starting from 12 PLN per breakfast menu, sandwiches 14-18 PLN, and of course Prosecco for 5 PLN!

INFO: Bułkę przez Bibułkę

ADDRESS: 2 branches – Puławska 24 and Zgoda 3, Warsaw


This is one of the newest places on the culinary map of Warsaw. It was founded on the foundations of a former market hall “Koszyki”, which existed here since 1909. It had been demolished 100 years later, and after many changes of investors, in the end, in October 2016 it was opened to public in the new, redeveloped building – including renovated Art Nouveau elements and original black and white tiles. The whole building looks really impressive – it’s worth visiting even only for architecture. Hala Koszyki skillfully combines modernity with the history of this place. My favorite is a combination of the moving legs of a crab-lamp sculpture, hanging over the steel structure of the hall painted in green colour as a century ago. Try to spot this!

best breakfast in warsaw - hala koszyki

On the ground floor you may find dozens of restaurants under one roof there are gathered flavors from all over the world. It’s the most popular food court in Warsaw nowadays. You can choose from French crepes, aromatic Indian curry, German Wurst, or Spanish tapas. Vibrant place, ideal for any time of the day. When it comes to breakfast, I can recommend you especially a bakery Piekarnia Aromat and their delicious eclairs in different flavors as well as gourmet coffee from Warsaw roaster Kofibrand! 

best breakfast in warsaw - hala koszyki

Many people complain that it has nothing to do with “good, old Koszyki market”, which was rather a bazaar, not a place full of restaurants with a limited number of shops as it is now. However, it seems to me that Warsaw was lacking such place, and thanks to its opening, now you can feel the atmosphere of London or Italian market-restaurants halls. Definitely worth paying a visit. This place shouldn’t be only considered as the best breakfast in Warsaw place, but rather the one with the biggest variety!

PRICES: depends on the restaurant; Piekarnia Aromat offers pastries up to 10 zł

INFO: Hala Koszyki

ADDRESS: Koszykowa 63, Warsaw

Any other recommendations for the best breakfast in Warsaw? Or would you rather experience Milan by night?

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Warsaw is famous for delicious breakfasts! Find out our recommendations where to enjoy the best breakfast in Warsaw!

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    nice overview.

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      Thanks! 🙂

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    April 24, 2017 at 06:10

    Great recommendations! I love visiting Warsaw and it is great to have such a list, I will definitely use it next time:) I don’t really have a favourite breakfast place, buut as it comes to dinners I have one place that I always come back to. It is the Akademia Restaurant in Mokotow. It is a really nice, romantic place with delicious modern food. I never leave that place disappointed:)

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      April 24, 2017 at 06:14

      Thank you 🙂 I heard a lot of good words about Akademia, must finally visit! My personal best when it comes to restaurants is Rozana – traditional Polish cuisine with a twist 😉

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