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Flamingo beach at Renaissance Island, Aruba – our experience

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island

So we have made the decision – we are going to The Netherlands Antilles! Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao… all these islands sound equally unfamiliar. Which one to choose? A quick search in Google Graphics. We type Aruba. In response we get hundreds of pictures with fabulous paradise beaches – you know: white sand, palm trees, turquoise sea – so perfect! And of course photos of Flamingo Beach in Aruba!

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - sunset

It is not difficult to guess – we decided on Aruba. This tiny island is located next to Venezuela. What we discovered instantly on arrival, not only flamingos love this place but also American newlyweds and those celebrating 50th wedding anniversary. This place is perfect for a relaxing stay – beaches in Aruba are often recognized as best ones in the World. But since we booked our flight, we started our private investigation to answer this very important question:

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - bucket list

So where can you find us?


Let’s face the truth – you may be disappointed. They are not natural inhabitants and you can see flamingos in Aruba only in one spot – on a flamingo beach, on a private Renaissance Island, owned by Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. To actually get there you have to be a hotel guest or pay 100$ for one-day trip. We made a bit of calculation and all in all decided to stay in the hotel – definitely a much better option. Did you know that that the boat to the Renaissance Island departs literally from the inside of the hotel building? Nice start!

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - where to see flamingos in aruba?

renaissance island


Renaissance Island is just splendid. Everything looks picture-perfect, as in one of these posh luxury travel magazines. There is also a very nice restaurant where you can enjoy your Mojito (or five). At the top of it, you can even get married on the beach (and flamingo will be your best man)! 🙂

Actually, there are two beaches on this island, both having perfect conditions for snorkeling. You can see a friendly octopus, big rainbow parrotfish or dangerous lionfish. Apart from flamingos, you can say hello to local iguanas when they start hypnotizing you to run away with your salad. Another big attraction on the other side of the island is perfect for plane-spotting freaks (like me)- a great view of the airport, where you can enjoy watching take-offs. 

Tip: Unfortunately, kids are NOT allowed on a Flamingo Beach! They can use the other beach instead.

renaissance island - fishrenaissance island - iguana


Some people may consider it as some kind of ZOO – keeping birds which are not natural inhabitants of Aruba. On the other hand, an island is also full of the other wonderful local creatures like pelicans. Making friends with iguanas and spending all days snorkeling is also a great adventure. We were truly delighted! To be honest, I think it’s one of these unique experiences, you just MUST DO at least once in your lifetime! The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino hotel is a true gem and it’s the best option for your Aruba romantic getaway. Super-friendly staff, delicious meals, and flamingos will make your vacations truly exceptional and luxurious. So, what about pampering yourself with even a short stay here?

Do you also wanna see the Flamingo Beach in Aruba?

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flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - birds

Not only flamingos love this place…

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - where to see flamingos in aruba

I am just fabulous!

renaissance island

Entering the paradise!

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - pelicano

Amazing Mr. Pelicano

flamingo beach aruba renaissance island - flamingos

Pink rumps everywhere ?


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Flamingo beach at Renaissance island in Aruba is a bucket list place. Check on our blog where to see flamingos in Aruba.


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    Kay Davies
    January 4, 2017 at 19:21

    I visited the Netherland Antilles in the early 1970s, on one of the old ladies of travel…a P&O liner. We stopped at many places in the month-long cruise (yes, month-long, Vancouver, BC, through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and back again to Vancouver. I have, since then, told dozens, maybe hundreds of people that those islands were my favourites, and they remain my favourites after many voyages since.

    • Reply
      January 4, 2017 at 19:32

      They are wonderful! Now Bonaire and Curacao are on our bucket list 🙂

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