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12 amazing things to do in Aruba

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What do you think when you hear “Aruba”? I must confess that before we came here, we had no idea how this place looks like. The only thing we know before our departures was that you can meet flamingos there… This relatively little-known destination among Europeans, has begun gaining popularity over past years. So what attractions make this island so special? Here are 12 best things to do in Aruba!



Flamingos are a must-see in Aruba! You may see these lovely bright creatures only in one place… Where? Read here.

best things to do in Aruba - flamingos


You can meet these charming reptiles on any beach in Aruba. It’s very easy to make friends with them, especially when you eat your dinner on a deck chair… They will be more than happy to join. Although they look somewhat ominously, there is nothing to fear. They have a gentle attitude, they will let you touch them for a piece of lettuce, they have surprisingly pleasant and delicate skin. Do not grab iguanas by the tail, but – as every lizard they can throw it away!

best things to do in Aruba - iguanas


Visiting tropical garden full of exotic, colorful butterflies is an unforgettable experience. The first such garden was founded by two eccentric Englishmen on another Caribbean island, Sint Maarten. It was a great success, so they decided to expand to Aruba. You can see hundreds of species of these winged insects here. Thanks to guided tour you can see their entire life cycle, from the chrysalis to fabulously colorful butterfly. Once purchased, ticket entitles you to unlimited access (we went there 3 times!). Make sure to wear something colorful and spray yourself with citrus smell – maybe one of them will land on you? Definitely one of the best things to do in Aruba!

What to do in aruba - best things to do in Aruba - butterfly

best things to do in Aruba - what to see in Aruba - butterflies

best things to do in Aruba - what to do in aruba - caterpillar


Aruba has much more to offer than just paradise beaches. Rent a jeep and take a journey in search of adventure in the interior! Arikok National Park occupies nearly 20% of the island and is characterized by wild landscapes, jagged volcanic coast and a lot of cacti. It’s something completely different than the western coast of the island. Here you will find secluded beaches with no tourists… Well, maybe you will see an adventurous doge once or twice! While exploring the eastern part of Aruba, take a chance to…

best things to do in Aruba - dog with fin

best things to do in Aruba - arikok national park


Volcanic rocks Aruba formed a natural swimming pool (conchi), which is filled by the waves splashing over its edges. When you take a dip in the water, you will discover a rich marine life. I still wonder how all these creatures actually got there!

best things to do in Aruba - natural pool


Although wild donkeys (burico) are not natives of the island, they were inhabited here only 500 years ago. Now about 100 donkeys live in the wild, and you may meet them while exploring the eastern part of the island. As you can see, they won’t go unnoticed… But if you fail to meet any, visit the Donkey Sanctuary, a shelter for donkeys. Another great things to do in Aruba!

best things to do in Aruba - wild donkeys

best things to do in Aruba - wild donkeys


The capital of Aruba, though small (only 30k residents!) will surprise you with interesting architecture. It’s a quircky combination of fairly solid Dutch buildings with crazy, Caribbean colors. The result? Very colorful buildings that if you had painted them brown, would very well fit in Amsterdam. Take a walk, a or a stylish tram ride!

best things to do in Aruba - oranjestaad


While visiting the center of Oranjestad, don’t forget to take “I love Aruba” pic… So touristy, so funny!

best things to do in Aruba - i love aruba


Another landmark of Aruba, to be seen on each and every postcard sent from this island. The most famous, wind-bent trees are at the Eagle Beach. Divi divi were formed by north-eastern constantly blowing in Aruba, so that trees always indicate south-western direction!

best things to do in Aruba - divi divi tree


Aruba offers also something for the fans of spending time underwater. There are 7 wrecks (5 vessels and two planes), ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. The most famous wreck is SS Antilla, sunk deliberately by its German staff in 1940, to avoid takeover by the Dutch. This is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean, considered to be the real diving treasure. However, if you aren’t a fan of such entertainment, you can admire one of the wrecks directly from the Malmok Beach.

best things to do in Aruba - shipwrecks


Because there is nothing better than a sunset, sparkling sea, endless white beach, a bottle of wine and your beloved one next to you. That’s why Aruba is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations among Americans!

best things to do in Aruba - sunset

best things to do in Aruba - sunset


First of all, don’t forget to relax. This is what you came for, right? The most beautiful beach is the Eagle Beach – perfect to take beautiful, postcard-like pictures. On the other hand, Malmok Beach is the best spot for snorkeling. Do not forget to also visit Baby Beach, located in the bay in the south of the island. On clear days, you can see the coast of Venezuela from here! The good weather is a common thing – Aruba has the most sunny days per year among all the Caribbean islands. Aruba is also a bit away from hurricane area and they are a rarity here. Just lay on the beach and soak in the sun… Definitely one of the most amazing things to do in Aruba!

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best things to do in Aruba - beast beach in aruba - eagle beach

best things to do in Aruba - palm trees

best things to do in Aruba - red anchor

Do you know more best things to do in Aruba?

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What should you do while visiting Aruba? Here are 12 most amazing things to do in Aruba, the one happy island! Read our post for more.

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