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Where to eat in Warsaw? 21 fabulous restaurants you shouldn’t miss!

Best restaurants in WarsawWarsaw is a foodie heaven, trust me. We love discovering all these quirky restaurants and cozy cafes in the capital of Poland. New spots appear and disappear, sometimes very quickly, but when it comes to dilemma “where to eat in Warsaw?”, we have our list of “must-go” places, which never disappoint. These places not only have delicious food but also some kind of ambiance, which makes you wanna stay forever. Which cafes and restaurants in Warsaw can we recommend?

After moving to Munich, we quickly began to appreciate how much Warsaw has to offer when it comes to eating out. Basically, you can come across some nice eatery with delicious food and unique design on every corner. This is something we miss in Bavaria – 80% of restaurants offer typical German cuisine (and rather typical German decor as well :). Warsaw should have no complexes when it comes to food – many places in the list below would thrive in London, Paris or New York as well!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many restaurants were closed, including some from our list. Stay tuned for updates!

Tip: Find out, where to eat in Warsaw if you are looking for the best breakfast!



Krem (ul. Śniadeckich 18)

This is one of our recent discoveries, we came across Krem by accident – we were actually going to the nearby Koszyki Hall. We saw quite a modest interior through the window and we decided to take a break there. Krem looks like a French bistro, it’s quite ascetic – if you love modernism, you will definitely fall in love with this place (this green plush on the seats!). Smooth service, sensational coffee, excellent Croque Monsieur with Emmentaler and mushrooms – simply perfect!

Krem Warsaw opinionsKrem Warsaw review

Vincent (different locations, e.g. Chmielna 21 and Nowy Świat 64)

Definitely one of the best French bakeries in Warsaw. Vincent has a few locations, but we especially like cafes located on Nowy Swiat and Chmielna Street. When you open the door, you will instantly feel like in Paris, surrounded by the divine scent of freshly baked bread. Great sandwiches, croissants with different fillings (raspberry !!) or quiche, perfect for a small lunch. As you read on Vincent’s website: “Vincent Gauthier from France is responsible for Vincent’s success, he has been an enthusiast of good bread and high-quality products since his childhood” – you can taste this commitment to quality in every bite 🙂

Vincent review

Palmier (Żurawia 6/12)(closed)

It is a French bistro, but these interiors – wow, this is how Warsaw between World wars must have looked like! I like it so much – all these green marble tables, blue chairs, golden accessories and the palms. This perfect place from early morning until late evening. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, but also grab a drink after hours. Typical French cuisine and a great variety of cocktails!

Palmier opinions

Palmier review

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Kieliszki na Próżnej (Próżna 12)

It’s all about wine. This place was created based on the experiences of the people behind the success of Butchery & Wine restaurant – already a legend of the Warsaw food scene (also highly recommended!). Kieliszki offers an excellent, wide selection of wines, focusing on small and medium-sized producers. Beautiful interiors (hundreds of glasses hanging over the bar!) and graphics on the wall. Of course, don’t forget about food – yes, it is also very good. Be sure to try the “talerzyki” (“small plates”) – snacks, a perfect pair with wine.

Kieliszki na Próżnej review

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Ale Wino (Mokotowska 48)

Where to eat in Warsaw if you love wine? Ale Wino is a winebar with a truly unique kitchen. Delicious, seasonal cuisine in affordable prices (basically all dishes up to 30 PLN = approx. 8 EUR). Relaxed, laid-back atmosphere is also a big plus. We love especially sitting in patio “under the sail”, perfect for spending the summer evenings. If you decide on sitting inside, pay attention to the “mirrors” 🙂 Note: Closed on Sundays!

Ale Wino opinions

Ale Wino review

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Bubbles (Piłsudskiego 9)

The only restaurant in Poland focused on champagnes and sparkling wines from around the world, some at jaw-dropping prices (2,450 PLN = 600 EUR for a bottle of Bollinger by Agent 007!). Relax, you can try “bubbles” from 8 zł (2 EUR) per glass. You can order oysters but also typical Polish side dishes as zimne nozki (meat in aspic). Contrary to appearances, the interiors are not snobbish in any way, you feel like you have come to someone’s house party.

Bubbles bar Warsaw review

Bubbles bar Warsaw

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Zapiecek (different locations, e.g. Freta 1)

I must be honest – I used to avoid Zapiecek in the past. I always thought it may be one of those “tourist traps”, you know: expensive, not very good food, having nothing in common with Polish cuisine at all… I was so, so wrong! We went there by accident (Michal wanted to eat zurek at 9.30 pm and it was the only place opened…) and it turned out to be one of these nice disappointments. Definitely the best pierogi in Warsaw – you just need to try them, as well as red broth. The decor of a country cottage, waitresses in folk costumes – definitely worth a visit to get a short glimpse at traditional Polish heritage. We often come here for pierogi with forest mushrooms (from the pan) and sweet pierogi with strawberry and sweet cream. Yum!

Zapiecek reviewZapiecek best pierogi in Warsaw

Czerwony Wieprz (Żelazna 68)

Where to eat in Warsaw if you dream of a nostalgic culinary expedition to the days of the communism in Eastern Europe? You should definitely visit Czerwony Wieprz restaurant. The restaurant is located in the historic pavilion, donated to Warsaw in the 1970’s by Honecker, the leader of the German Democratic Republic. Interiors will let you travel in time and discover the history of The Polish People’s Republic. When it comes to food, the restaurant is dedicated to cultivating the tradition of Polish cuisine, but also serves specialties from the countries of the other Eastern European countries, which are no longer on the map as the USSR. This place was recognized by The New York Times as one of the best reasons to visit Warsaw!

Czerwony Wieprz review

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Różana (Chocimska 7)

I could definitely settle down here. This place looks exactly how I imagine the houses of the wealthy citizens of Warsaw before the II World War. In the summer, I always choose a table in the garden, a real oasis in the middle of a busy city. I love this place, although I must admit that this is probably not a restaurant for a spontaneous, quick lunch, rather for a special occasion or a business meeting. Great Polish cuisine with a modern twist. Try the famous meringue. Top-notch!

Restauracja Różana review

Rozana restaurant opinions

Rozana restaurant review

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Stary Dom (Puławska 104/106)

Stary Dom is located not very far away from Różana and is a strong competition. As the name implies (meaning “The Old House”), the interiors are maintained in the atmosphere of a traditional home: beautiful wooden beams, black and white photos on the walls, large cupboards with mugs… Next to the restaurant, there is also a takeaway shop with sweets served in the restaurant. I have visited this place for the first time just a few weeks ago (although I lived for many years nearby) – I should have come here much earlier!

Stary Dom best polish food

Stary Dom review


Boathouse (Wał Międzyszyński 389A)

If you’re wondering where to eat in Warsaw on a long summer night, Boathouse is a place you’re looking for. My favorite restaurant in hot months, located just next to the Vistula River. Enjoying your meal at the tables in the garden, not hearing the noise of the city, you can totally relax. If we didn’t get married in Greece, we would definitely have arranged a wedding here. The restaurant focuses primarily on Mediterranean cuisine. We are especially fans of a Sunday brunch, great for families with children (the restaurant always organizes some attractions for kids) – really great variety of meals (wine included). However, you have to reserve a table in advance at least 2 weeks before!

Brunch Boathouse review

Boathouse review

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Ave Pizza (Topiel 12)(closed)

Where to eat the best pizza in Warsaw? Ave Pizza is the answer. After searching for a very long time, we found the perfect Italian pizza in Warsaw there. Yes, it is as good as the one we did in Rome (ok, better). Brilliant, crispy dough and great toppings. The place itself reminds me (probably because of the neon!) American dinners (I do not know why, after all, it’s Italian spot!). You can also order pizza with home delivery!

Ave Pizza best pizza in Warsaw

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El Greco (Grzybowska 9)

You know that we are a bit mad about Greece, so we often try out at restaurants offering Greek cuisine. Our best pick in Warsaw is El Greco – from the doorstep, we feel like in some Cycladic tavern. I was fortunate that I was working near and I could go out for lunch here quite often. Tzatziki is simply amazing! There is also a small shop with Greek wines, hard to find in shops normally.

El Greco opinions

El Greco restaurant

Source: (click)


Tel Aviv (Poznańska 11)

Where to eat in Warsaw if you want the best hummus? Since Falafel Plus was closed (read here), Tel Aviv has regained the 1st place in my private ranking. The dishes are inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine and are completely vegan. Be sure to try Coco Curry hummus – with coconut milk, paired with a glass of vegan (of course!) wine. By the way, it’s the first vegan restaurant in Poland that is recommended by the Gault & Millau guide!

Tel Aviv opinions

Tel Aviv restaurant review

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Namaste India (Nowogrodzka 15)

I love Indian cuisine. I always wonder which dishes I prefer more: those from India or from Italy. I tried every Indian restaurant in Warsaw and Namaste (especially after the renovation) is still my favorite place (Curry House is also very good, but we always had such problems with the table that we let it go). In the past, Namaste was a rather small, modest place, but recently acquired an upper floor and got renovated. It feels so cozy! Be sure to try harabhara kebab and paneer kofta. For those who want to recreate the Indian flavors at home – there is a little shop with spices as well.

Namaste India opinionsNamaste India review

THAISTY (Plac Bankowy 4 and Adama Mickiewicza 27)

Are there any green curry fans? If you don’t already know this place (unlikely), you miss a lot. Amazing Thai cuisine and cool, bright industrial interiors (we visited the one on Bankowy Square). The only problem you will encounter is the dilemma what to order – everything is absolutely delicious. Green curry with tofu or pad thai are already legendary, but definitely, try also the “burning wok” along with the beer straight from Thailand.

Thaisty opinie

Thaisty review

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Pełną Parą (Sienna 76 and Nowowiejska 10)

Delicious, tiny steamed Asian dumplings will satisfy everyone (those with pumpkin and nuts are my best!). Great place for Asian cuisine lovers, there are also different types of “bowls” (eg. curry bowl), if you are very hungry. However, dumplings are still a must here, they are so delicious. The interiors look like a bar – but with dumplings. So yummy!

Pełną Parą opinions

Pełną Parą review

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La Vanille (Krucza 16 / 22, also in Złote Tarasy)(closed)

Where to eat in Warsaw if you are the Cookie (cupcake!) Monster? Here! If you have ever gone shopping in Złote Tarasy, you probably passed a cute La Vanille stall and got tempted by one of their cupcakes, but I encourage you to visit the La Vanille cafe in Krucza. Here you will find the most beautiful and sweetest cupcakes in Warsaw also, but you can sit and enjoy the deliciousness while watching how confectioners work. Be sure to try the delicious little pavlova tartlets (the one with pomegranate is a must!), perfect along with espresso. There is also a big unicorn cake for those having a real sweet-tooth!La Vanille opinionsLa Vanille review

Lukullus (different locations, eg. Chmielna 32 or Mokotowska 52 A)

Another amazing cake shop, take a look at the one on Chmielna Street – beautiful mosaic floor and ambiance of the 50’s. Lukullus (already the third generation bakes the best choux pastry in Warsaw) has proven that even traditional Polish biscuits or cakes can be unique. All of their delicacies look really spectacular, even better than biscuits from well-known pastry shops in Paris! I especially recommend you passion fruit choux and Armani lava cake.

Lukullus Pavlova review

Lukullus opinions

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Warszawski Lukier (Hoża 5/7)(closed)

Incredibly colorful, enormously big and sweet shakes served in candy indoors. Lord Snickers shake was a bit too sweet for me, but Michal was delighted. A cute paradise not only for children – the interiors are full of swings and sweet pink details, which I totally fell for. A bit different cafe, but you can also order “standard” cakes here.

Warszawski lukier Lord Snickers Warszawski Lukier opinie

Cafe Bristol (Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44)

You have probably seen the most exclusive hotel in Warsaw, Bristol Hotel while walking in the Old Town, but have you ever visited the cafe on the ground floor? It’s splendid. Opened in 1901, Café Bristol aroused the enthusiasm of the Warsaw citizens from the first weeks. Be sure to stop for delicious biscuits or a two-course lunch (29 PLN from Monday to Friday). Breakfast is also served, starting from 25 PLN.

Cafe Bristol opinions

Cafe Bristol review

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Maybe you can recommend where to eat in Warsaw? Looking forward to getting to know your favorite spots!

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Are you wondering where to eat in Warsaw? Find out our guide to 21 best restaurants and cafes in Warsaw, Poland. Are you wondering where to eat in Warsaw? Find out our guide to 21 best restaurants and cafes in Warsaw, Poland.

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    Wow, amazing guide! I need to visit at least some of those places, they look amazing! I have been only to few of them but I liked it so much! Warsaw has amazing culinary spots! The one that is one of my favorites is Bubbles Bar, that you have also included. I have never stumbled upon any place like that. I don’t think I have ever drank champagne without a special occasion before. And the food was incredible. It is one of the best bar I have been to. I will safe you recommendations and use it next time!

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    Bułka przez Bibułke has several locations, one in the center by Chmielna Street, another one Saska Kępa area. Great breakfasts! Worth it.

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